Laurel “Forbes Diamonds”

Forbes 2023

For the second time, we have been honored in the annual “Forbes Diamonds” plebiscite and we stood shoulder to shoulder with the most dynamically developing companies in our country.

The companies that performed best on the domestic market last year are called “Forbes Diamonds”. The ranking is created on the basis of financial data of companies from the last three years. The most important evaluation criterion is the increase in company value. The ranking includes companies that have demonstrated the most effective and dynamic growth.

Winning the “Forbes Diamonds” laurel is not only an honor, but above all an opportunity to present our company to a wider group of entrepreneurs.

Our success – thanks to you!

TarCo’s success is the result of our hard work, the immense trust of our customers and a whole group of talented employees. It is thanks to all these elements that a company is created that can boast of such a prestigious distinction. Without our irreplaceable Tarco Team, without the customers who come back to us and the partners who offer us countless opportunities, our company would not have made it this far. That’s why we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

What more can we add? This distinction is like a wind in our sails and an encouragement for further dynamic development. We are not stopping so that we can celebrate again next year!

Tomasz Pampuch

Key Account Manager

+48 691 233 343

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