A story that begins in 1983.
Automated mobile plants for the production
of Concrete, Cementitious Mixtures
and Cold asphalt.

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Mobile Plant E050 mounted on a truck chassis, rail car or in a free-standing version.
The construction provides for the use of several tanks for raw materials: cement, sand (alternatively aggregate or gravel) and water. Chemical admixtures and emulsion are added during the production process. The end product of E050 can be concrete, mortar or cold asphalt (asphalt recycling), in winter it can spread sand or salt. BLEND devices are fully automated, the ability to enter 42 recipes into the computer’s memory.

The control system together with a number of sensors precisely portions individual ingredients. The machine enables the production of a specific amount of concrete. In the case of the medium model E050, the main tank for aggregate has a capacity of 10 m³, the cement tank 3.5 tons, the water tank holds 2000 liters, additionally three tanks with a capacity of 42 liters for chemical admixtures.

The maximum capacity of each set is 70 m³/h, the minimum production batch is 0.2 m³, with a drop in capacity to 5 m³/h.

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