We offer comprehensive consulting services, technical assistance, repairs and renovations, as well as expert advice and professional training. A multidimensional approach to business relations is our hallmark. TarCo’s work does not begin and end with the handover of the equipment. Our goal is customer satisfaction, so we offer both tailor-made and last-minute solutions – to meet the challenges in all conditions.

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Technical assistance

As the exclusivly authorized technical asssiance center of CIFA S.p.A in Poland, we deal with comprehensive repair of all the brand’s concrete machines, including portable pumps, concrete pumps, truck mixer pumps, concrete plants, as well as concrete mixers. We perform a whole range of warranty services, annual inspections, TDT inspections, repairs and reconditioning, including gate valve overhauls. We exchange pipelines, repair faults in hydraulic and electrical systems from manufacturers of all brands. In order to ease the process of technical assistance request submission, we have created the possibility to make them also through our application!

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Denis Górka

Service Coordinator
+48 691 466 631

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Spare Parts

Our offer includes the highest quality original spare parts for all machines. Our customers have the opportunity to order the parts they need through the TarCo application. Contractors who have opted for service management of their fleet via the TarCo application can also order spare parts through it.

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Aga t

Agnieszka Jarosz

Key Account Specialist
+48 691 466 666

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Assistance 24/7

We are the only company in the market to offer 24/7 assistance. We believe in the products we sell and are able to provide ongoing support related to their use. Assistance 24/7 service is available to registered customers.

In emergency situations, call:
+48 691 466 631

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We care about the convenience of our customers, that is why we have created a dedicated application for fleet service management and constant access to support. Fast, efficient, intuitive and most importantly – at your fingertips. It takes just a few simple steps to access information, get direct support, or to order necessary spare parts on short notice.

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Pati t

Patrycja Grochol-Pytel

Key Account Specialist
+48 691 466 630

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As the exclusive authorized representative of CIFA S.p.A, we conduct training courses related to topics concerning the brand’s machines, as well as techniques in the field of concrete transport and production. Our goal is not only to improve the qualifications of our employees, but to share our knowledge with our customers. We also prepare personalized training courses.

Do you need practical training for operators? Do you want to train your team on health and safety guidelines in order to increase efficiency and economy? Or do you need to deepen the knowledge of managers so they can use your machines to their full potential? We’ll be happy to help!

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Krzysztof Strączek

Service Manager
+48 798 117 757