We offer professional training for CIFA equipment.

CIFA manufactures the highest quality pumps and equipment for the production and transportation of concrete, which require expert handling for efficient and trouble-free work.

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About the training

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European and Polish legislation related to safe operation of machinery

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Safe operation of the pump and safety of cooperating workers (practical part)

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Machine safety (practical part)

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Technical supervision of concrete pumps

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How do we train?

Training is conducted on the basis of lecture-seminar classes with practical demonstrations of the concrete pump. The teaching techniques used by our experts are designed to form practical problem-solving skills and participants’ own learning.

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All course participants receive unique certificates from TarCo Training, confirming that they have attended the course “Theoretical and practical aspects of operating concrete pumps manufactured by CIFA SpA”. It is also the basis for participation in specialized courses on machinery manufactured by CIFA SpA, dedicated to TarCo’s key customers.

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